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The Family Violence Council of Collierville (FVCC) was established in 1998 to serve victims of domestic violence in Collierville with any needs or service.† The FVCC currently meets the first Monday of each month at 6PM at the Collierville Town Library.† During the meetings, volunteers discuss the trend of domestic violence in Collierville and services that the group can offer these victims. Over the past year the FVCC has expanded their services such that they have a temporary shelter, where victims are able to stay for a period of 60 days.† After 60 days, the victimís situation is evaluated by the FVCC and an extension may be granted.† This will give domestic violence victims the opportunity to get back on their feet and allow them to gain independence from their abuser.

The FVCC also provides an emergency shelter in the event a victim has an immediate need to escape their abuser.† (Location of both shelters are unreleased for protection)

In 2007,† a protocol was established with the Collierville Police Department and the FVCC, which outlines the procedure for shift Lieutenants to contact a representative of the FVCC if a victim needs an emergency shelter.† This protocol also informs the shift Lieutenant that if they cannot reach a representative of the FVCC, then the victim can still be taken to the emergency shelter, since an arrangement has already been made.† The domestic violence coordinator and/or the FVCC representative needs to be notified the next day that a domestic violence victim was taken to the emergency shelter.

The president of the FVCC is Dori Clark and she has been a member of the group since September 1998.† Dori Clark has received her Masters of Public Health from San Diego State University in 1992 and she received her Bachelor of Science, Kinesiology from the University of Colorado-Boulder.† Ms. Clark has been trained as a court advocate and a victims support advocate with the Tennessee of Coalition of Domestic Violence. Ms. Clark also manages the domestic violence shelter for the FVCC (Temporary/Emergency), assists with grant writing and fundraising and she serves as a member on the Board of the Family Violence Council.† She has also assisted both victims of domestic violence and other sensitive, violent cases as a court advocate in the Collierville City Court.† Beginning in 1994, Ms. Clark provided wellness and education programs for those afflicted with HIV/AIDS, she conducted workshops in the area of menís and womenís health and she was an independent health consultant.

Dr. Jan Diebler became involved with the FVCC in 2006 and she brings with her a great deal of expertise relating to domestic violence.


Current Standard of Domestic Violence Coordinator:

The domestic violence coordinator with the Collierville Police Department obtains all reports relating to domestic violence each day.† The DVC then contacts the victim and advises them of all services available to them, the warrant process and the court procedure if there was an arrest.† The DVC then notes on a Victim Follow Up Checklist that the victim has been contacted and they were advised of the aforementioned procedures/services.† Each month, the DVC compiles the data from the Victim Follow Up Checklist and place it in a spreadsheet to obtain the monthly domestic violence stats for the department.† These are the internal numbers and they track all realms of domestic violence complaints/incidents.† The DVC also maintains an up to date list of service providers in and around Shelby County.