An outreach program for family violence

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Who are we?

Family Violence Council is a non-profit organization with 501 (C)(3) status. Our mission is to educate members of the community about family violence and direct victims to available resources.

The Family Violence Council operates exclusively on donations and grant funding.

· The Family Violence Council meets the 1st Monday of each month at the Collierville Library, 501 Poplar View Parkway,

· The Family Violence Council has been in existence for approximately 9 years (formerly known as FAITH).

· The Family Violence Council is made of male and female volunteers and is always looking for more members!

· The Family Violence Council would like to provide more educations programs (especially for youth)

What are our objectives?

· To promote community awareness of family violence.

· To aid in the growth of local family violence services.

· To raise funds to support family violence programs in the community.

· To aid in the prevention of family violence.


What does Family Violence Council do?

The Family Violence Council provides a number of resources to members of the community including:

· Provide digital cameras to the Collierville Police Department

· Support Collierville Police Department & prosecutors as Court Advocates for domestic violence victims.

· Provide Emergency Shelter (1-2 night stay) to domestic violence victims.

· Provide temporary shelter (30-60 day stay) to domestic violence victims.

· Provide free group counseling to domestic violence victims.

· Direct domestic violence victims to other resources available to them

· Provide educational/Information materials to community and victims

What is family violence (domestic violence)?

A pattern of behavior in which one family member or partner attempts to control the other using physical, sexual, emotional, or financial abuse.

Domestic Violence Statistics:

Domestic violence is the #1 health issue for women—it exceeds rapes, muggings & auto accidents combined and accounts for 25% of emergency room visits.

· Almost 40% of all 911 calls in Shelby County involve violence with an arrest average of 10 per day.

· 40% of girls aged 14-17 report knowing someone their age that has been hit or beaten by a boyfriend.

· Children witness the abuse in 80% of domestic violence cases and are victims of abuse in 1/3 of the cases.

· There are over 200 victims of domestic violence in Collierville per year.

· 13% of domestic violence victims are men.