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How do I prepare a Safety Plan?

Before an attack

 Practice how to get out of the house safely.† Which doors, elevators, stairwells, or fire escapes will you use?

 Decide where you will go if you have to leave home.

 Prepare and overnight bag.† Keep it in a readily accessible place.† In addition to clothes, include in it:

 Money, checkbook, credit cards, ATM cards

 Driverís license and registration, social security cards, birth certificates.

 Public Aid cards, green card, passport, work permits.

 Order of Protection, divorce papers

 Medications, medical and vaccination records

 Lease, rental agreement, house deed

 Keys to house, car and work

 Insurance papers, bank book

 Address book

 Leave a set of keys and copies of important documents with a neighbor in case you need to leave quickly.

 Tell a neighbor about the abuse and ask them to call the police if they hear any suspicious noises coming from your house.

 Develop a code with your children and friends to signal them to call the police.

 Teach these strategies to your children.

During an attack

 Move to a room that is lowest risk with easy access to an exit.† Stay away from enclosed spaces or spaces near any weapons, such as the bathroom or kitchen.

 Get away.† Go to a friendís or relativeís house.

 Call 911 or the police.† They are required to provide or arrange transportation to a hospital or a safe place for you.

 Call for help.† Scream loudly and continuously.


After an attack

 Get medical attention immediately.† Tell the doctor or nurse what happened.† Ask them to take pictures of your injuries.

 Make a police report, even if you donít want your abuser to be arrested.† It will be a record of the incident and will provide evidence if you ever need it.† The abuser will not be notified that you made the report.

 Save evidence, including medical records, police reports, dated photos of your injuries or the house in disarray, torn clothing and any weapons used.


In an emergency, dial 911.

†††††††††††† Family Advocacy Program

†††††††††††† P.O. Box 1841

†††††††††††† Collierville, TN 38027

†††††††††††† (901) 870-2990


†††††††††††† In partnership with the family violence council of collierville